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What is Loan Central?

Loan Central is an online introducer to an independent broker for both business finance and personal loans and mortgages, plus an insurance broker for both business and personal insurance.

Out of 5.5 million businesses in the UK over 99% of them are small or medium sized enterprises (SME) and approximately 75% of these are micro businesses that typically only have 1 employee. In these sectors there is often a “blurring” between personal and business finance, which is why we offer both business and personal finance. For example, a bridge loan can be used to help you buy property at auction or, can be used where a house needs renovations before it is mortgageable or, a bridge loan can be used to pay care home fees while waiting to sell a home. A development loan can be used for a self-build house to cover the build phase before moving to a normal residential mortgage. Similarly, a development loan could be used to fund major structural renovations and extensions to a property before it is funded by a mortgage.

If you are looking to set up a business, did you know that you may be able to use asset finance to buy some or all of your fixtures and fittings, plus vans and cars etc. This way, you pay for the items monthly, meaning that you can use money saved for outright purchase to contribute to your working capital.

These small or start-up businesses range from accountancy firms to zoos, but they are united by the determination of their owners to grow and prosper. These businesses are classified as being one of 3 types:-

A Micro Business (definition):

Turnover must be not more than £632,000

The balance sheet total must be not more than £316,000

The average number of employees must be not more than 10

A Small Business (definition):

Turnover must be not more than £6.5 million

The balance sheet total must be not more than £3.26 million

The average number of employees must be not more than 50

A Medium Sized Business (definition):

Turnover must be not more than £12.9 million

The balance sheet total must be not more than £34 million

The average number of employees must be not more than 250

UK Coverage

Our broker serves the following UK post code areas (for example AB - Aberdeen means all areas in and around Aberdeen whose postcode starts with AB):-

 AB - Aberdeen, AL - St Albans, BA - Bath, BB - Blackburn, B - Birmingham, BD - Bradford, BH - Bournemouth, BL - Bolton, BN - Brighton, BR - Bromley, BS - Bristol, BT - Belfast, CA - Carlisle, CB - Cambridge, CF - Cardiff, CH - Chester, CM - Chelmsford, CO - Colchester, CR - Croydon, CT - Canterbury, CV - Coventry, CW - Crewe, DA - Dartford, DD - Dundee, DE - Derby, DG - Dumfries, DH - Durham, DL - Darlington, DN - Doncaster, DT - Dorchester, DY - Dudley, EC - London, EH - Edinburgh, E - London, EN - Enfield, EX - Exeter, FK - Falkirk, FY - Blackpool, G - Glasgow, GL - Gloucester, GU - Guildford, GY - Guernsey, HA - Harrow, HD - Huddersfield, HG - Harrogate, HP - Hemel Hempstead, HR - Hereford, HS - Western Isles, HU - Hull, HX - Halifax, IG - Ilford, M - Isle of Man, IP - Ipswich, IV - Inverness, JE - Jersey, KA - Kilmarnock, KT - Kingston Upon Thames, KW - Kirkwall, KY - Kirkcaldy, LA - Lancaster, LD - Llandrindod Wells, LE - Leicester, L - Liverpool, LL - Llandudno, LN - Lincoln, LS - Leeds, LU - Luton, ME - Medway, MK - Milton Keynes, ML - Motherwell, M - Manchester, NE - Newcastle, NG - Nottingham, N - London, NN - Northampton, NP - Newport, NR - Norwich, NW - London, OL - Oldham, OX - Oxford, PA - Paisley, PE - Peterborough, PH - Perth, PL - Plymouth, PO - Portsmouth, PR - Preston, RG - Reading, RH - Redhill, RM - Romford, SA - Swansea, SE - London, SG - Stevenage, SK - Stockport, SL - Slough, SM - Sutton, SN - Swindon, SO - Southampton, SP - Salisbury, SR - Sunderland, S - Sheffield, SS - Southend - On - Sea, ST - Stoke - On - Trent, SW - London, SY - Shrewsbury, TA - Taunton, TD - Galashiels, TF - Telford, TN - Tonbridge, TQ - Torquay, TR - Truro, TS - Cleveland, TW - Twickenham, UB - Uxbridge, WA - Warrington, WC - London, WD - Watford, WF - Wakefield, W - London, WN - Wigan, WR - Worcester, WS - Walsall, WV - Wolverhampton, YO - York, ZE - Lerwick.

We can help the following types of businesses/business sectors:

If in doubt, please contact us anyway!

  • Accommodation / Buy To Let
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Aerospace And Defence
  • Agricultural & Farming Businesses
  • Agriculture / Forestry / Fishing
  • Arts / Entertainment / Recreation
  • Automotive
  • B & B / Hotel / Guest Houses
  • Beauty & Hair Salon Businesses
  • Bus & Coach Businesses
  • Business Services
  • Car / Motorbike / Vehicle Dealerships
  • Catering & Restaurant Businesses
  • Chemicals
  • Computing & It Businesses
  • Construction Industry Businesses
  • Convenience Store Businesses
  • Courier / Logistics
  • Dental Practices
  • Ecommerce / Online Shops
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Engineering Equipment Businesses
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental
  • Estate & Letting Agents
  • Film Equipment Businesses
  • Financial Services
  • Fish & Chip Shop Businesses
  • Food Service
  • Forest Paper And Packaging
  • Franchise Businesses
  • Garage & Servicing Businesses
  • Gym Businesses
  • Hair / Nail / Beauty Salons
  • Haulage & HGV Businesses
  • Healthcare Businesses
  • Horsebox & Trailer Businesses
  • Hospitality And Leisure
  • Import / Export
  • Insurance
  • It Services
  • Laundry Businesses
  • Leisure & Hospitality Businesses
  • Manufacturing Businesses
  • Marketing / Advertising / Design
  • Media And Entertainment
  • Medical / Healthcare
  • Mining / Quarrying
  • Mining And Metals
  • Mot / Servicing / Tyre Centre
  • Motorbike Businesses
  • Off-Licence Businesses
  • Oil And Gas
  • Opticians Businesses
  • Personal Services
  • Pharmaceutical And Life Sciences
  • Pharmacy Businesses
  • Power And Utilities
  • Printing / Publishing
  • Property Development
  • Recreation
  • Recruitment
  • Recycling Businesses
  • Renewable Energy Businesses
  • Restaurants / Pubs
  • Retail Businesses
  • Scaffolding Businesses
  • Security Services
  • Soft Play Centre Businesses
  • Spas
  • Technical Services
  • Technology
  • Tradesman
  • Transport, Logistics & Storage
  • Travel Agent / Tour Operator
  • Vending Machine Businesses
  • Warehouse & Logistics Businesses
  • Waste Management / Recycling
  • Wholesaler / Distribution

Information on Credit Scoring

The typical APR that you see on loan and mortgage applications for both business and personal applications is the rate that the lender gives to the majority of applicants that it sells that product to. The rate is determined by your perceived credit risk, where one of the key indicators used is your credit score. The higher your credit score, the lower the risk and so you will be offered lower loan interest rates.

A credit score is a snap shot of your credit risk (i.e. how likely you are to repay a debt and repay it on time) at a specific point in time. The higher your score, the lower the risk. Your credit score is calculated using a mathematical formula that evaluates information on your credit report and compares it with the information patterns of millions of other credit reports; the score is then used to determine your future credit risk.

The 5 main factors to determine your score are:-

  • Payment History
  • Amount Owed
  • Length of Credit History
  • New Credit
  • Types of Credit in use

Your credit file is continually updated with new information from your creditors. Generally, people with high scores pay bills on time, keep low balances on credit cards and only take new credit when it is needed.

About our brokers

Our brokers are Licensed Finance & Credit Brokers – Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and they are also members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) and subscribe to their code of practice.

In their dealings with you, they will be clear, fair and not misleading at all times. They encourage you to ask questions if there’s something that you do not understand. If they are unable to assist you in your finance enquiry they endeavour to inform you in a timely and prompt manner.

In common with other brokers and in the interests of full disclosure, they may charge a fee for arranging finance, where a fee is payable, this will be disclosed in writing at the quotation stage.

Best Rate

They promise to get you the best rate for your circumstances, as an independent whole of market broker, they have access to all products in the market from mainstream banks and finance companies through to specialist lenders. As a result they may be able to help if you have been turned down elsewhere.  Remember too, that you are under no obligation to accept any loan/mortgage offers obtained through them.

Impartial Advice

They promise to give you impartial advice, remember they are not tied to any particular lender and they are obliged to work in your best interests based on the information which you have provided and they will answer any questions you may have in plain English.

About the Application Process

Our broker goes direct to the lenders, there are no intermediaries. In assessing you for a loan, the lenders do a soft search only, so this will not affect your credit score or ability to try other lenders.

Customer Journey

Complete and submit the form below

Our broker will contact you to undertake a 10-15 minute fact-find.

You will then be presented with the best loan or mortgage option available for you.

If you decide to go ahead, our broker will request ID & financial documents from you.

Once these have been collected, our broker will process your application with the chosen lender and will liaise between you and the Lender to ensure smooth application process.

Once the Lender accepts the completed application then the funds are paid out to you.

Available Products – (Business followed by Residential)

Commercial/Business Finance

Asset Finance

Asset Refinance

Free up money to use elsewhere in your business with an asset refinance.

Finance Leases

Lease an asset for the majority of its expected lifespan.

Hire Purchase

We can help you fund asset purchases in manageable monthly payments.

Operating Leases

Fund the equipment you need without the upfront financial outlay with an operating lease.

Bridging Loans

Auction finance

Bridging loans for auction finance.

Bad Credit

Bridging loans for applicants with bad credit - up to 80% LTV.


Bridging loans secured against commercial property – up to 75% & rates from 0.75%.

First Time Buyers

Bridging finance for first time buyers – for investment or residential purposes.


Raise £2.5m+ quickly using our large bridging loans and access our market leading rates.


Market leading bridging finance rates from £2,500,000 with no maximum loan size.


Bridging loans for the over 65s – market leading rates from flexible lenders.

Planning Gain

Finance to secure property or land while planning permission is applied for.

Property Developers

Raise funds to complete a project or to release equity from completed projects.

Property Hunting

A pre-agreed secured lending facility which can be used to fund property acquisitions quickly.


Refinance your bridging loan to extend the term or reduce the interest paid.


Fast finance to refurbish properties with rates starting from 0.44% per month.


Bridging loans secured against a property that you plan to live in – rates from 0.48%.


Bridging loans secured against residential property – market leading rates and fees.

Second Charge

Secure second charge finance quickly with our market leading bridging finance rates.


Secure funds quickly to purchase or refinance a property with a short lease.

Raise funds against commercial or residential property for your small business.

Small Businesses (Unregulated)

Bridging loans secured against investment properties – up to 80% LTV & rates from 0.44%.

Business Loans

Bad Credit

If you suffer from a bad credit rating, it doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a business loan.

Cash Advance

Business cash advances provide fast flexible funding to inject working capital.


Helping larger businesses secure leading rates on commercial loans to support cash flow.


When you need to raise finance in a hurry, access the lowest rates across the market.

Loans to Buy

Find out what loan options are available to you when looking to purchase a business.

Revolving Credit

Revolving credit facilities help business owners cover shortfalls in cash flow as they arise.


Secured business loans.


Unsecured funding for your company.

VAT Loans

Tax and VAT loans.

Commercial Mortgages


Agricultural mortgages


Funding the purchase or refinancing a property for commercial use.


Purchase or refinance a business property which is let to tenants.


Securing a mortgage on a property comprising both residential and commercial elements.

Development Finance


Access the whole 100% development finance market through one quick enquiry.


Access the best commercial development finance lenders through one quick enquiry.


Support throughout the development exit finance process.


Mezzanine development finance top-up loans.


The ins and outs of regulated development finance.


Financing residential and mixed use property developments.

Buy To Let & HMO Mortgages

Buy To Let

For Residential, Portfolio Landlords or Limited Company purchases contact our broker and one of their specialist advisors will provide you with rates tailored to your individual circumstances.

HMO Mortgage

What is an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) mortgage and why are they beneficial?

Large HMO Mortgage

Large HMOs are more suited towards experienced landlords looking to expand portfolios.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Discounting

Allows funds to be drawn from invoices almost as soon as they are raised, greatly improving cash flow.

Invoice Factoring

A commercial finance product used to raise money using outstanding invoices, releasing funds from your debtor book.

Selective Invoice Finance

Selective invoice discounting and spot factoring provide immediate finance without having to fund the entire debtor book.



Bank Loan - Being an independent loan broker we deal with many different loan companies including banks and other major lenders to find the best loan company and loan for you.

Car Loan - Looking for a new car? Whether you've got a clean credit history or not, looking for a secured car loan or an unsecured car loan we can help!

Debt Consolidation Loan - If you've got many different loans, credit card debts and store card debts that you would like to combine into one bigger loan at a lower overall rate of interest, apply now with no fees or obligation. Our debt consolidation page contains extra information to help you decide whether this could be right for you, together with a calculator to see how the loan could benefit you.

Home Owner Loan - Looking to use your home as security in order to get a better interest rate, home owner loans can be used for absolutely any purpose.

Home Improvement Loan - If you are looking to improve your home with a new kitchen or bathroom or maybe a conservatory or loft conversion etc. then a home improvement loan could be right for you, being secured you will get the lowest rate for your circumstances.

Personal Loan - These can be either secured or unsecured and are available to tenants too.

Secured Loan - A secured personal loan can be used for any purpose and is ideal for those who have had credit problems in the past.

Self Employed Loan - Whether you have 3 years audited accounts or not (and so are looking for a non-status loan) we have lenders who are willing to borrow the money that you need.

Tenant Loan - Whether you're a private or council tenant or living with parents, we can help you. We are also happy to accept applications from people with a poor credit history.

Unsecured Loan - Unsecured personal loans can be used for any purpose but it is likely that you will need a clean credit history in order to be accepted. Unsecured loans are available for £1000 to £1 million.

Residential Mortgages

Most of the products on this site are available as fixed, variable, capped or base rate trackers while other mortgage types may be available depending on circumstances.

Buy to Let mortgages are used to buy property which you then let out in the private rental sector. These are rarely available for more than 85% of the purchase price.

First time buyer mortgages are available in a multitude of mortgage types and the amount which you can borrow normally depends on a multiple of your salary.

Home mover mortgages are for people who are already on the property ladder but are looking to move to another property.

Getting a remortgage involves moving your mortgage to a different lender without actually moving house. Common reasons for people to remortgage include getting a better rate, to release equity or to consolidate debts.


Car & Home Insurance

Our broker can offer accidental damage cover, new for old cover or all risks cover quotes for the following :-

  • Buildings
  • Contents
  • High Value Home Insurance
  • Holiday Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Non Standard Construction
  • Non Standard Properties
  • Overseas Property
  • Property Renovation
  • Second Home
  • Thatched Property
  • Unoccupied Property (Long Term)
  • Unoccupied Property (Short Term)
  • Working from Home

Business Insurance

What sort of businesses/specialty can be covered?

  • Bars, Night Clubs & Licenced Premises
  • Block of Flats Insurance
  • Care Home Insurance
  • Caterers & Outdoor Caterers
  • Cleaning Contractors
  • Contract Works Insurance
  • Contractors Insurance
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Distribution Insurance
  • Event Insurance
  • Heritage & Religious Buildings
  • Hotel, B&B, and Guesthouse Insurance
  • Launderettes & Dry Cleaners
  • Management Liability Insurance
  • Manufacturing Insurance
  • Motor Fleet Insurance
  • Motor Trade Insurance
  • Office & Surgery Insurance
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Pubs, Restaurants & Takeaway Insurance
  • Recycling & Waste Centres
  • Security Trades
  • Shop Insurance
  • Sports & Social Club Insurance
  • Tax Investigation Insurance
  • Tradesman Insurance
  • Wholesale Insurance

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